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The Generation of Miracles
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June 2016
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I am all implication [userpic]

Miracles; T+ (Assorted ficlets in-universe)

The Miragen are girls AU; It’s not as though there’s actually a rule that girls can’t compete in boy’s basketball.

The last installment of Miracles, four (physical, REAL LIFE) years later. Set in the summer of their second year.

The first email came just after the the interhigh ended and read, Kagami, please send me Miss Alex’s email.

I am all implication [userpic]

Sticks and Stones (T+) Book 3: Words

The Avatar AU of Kuroko no Basuke. Short character list here. Start here for the full story.

\o/ Book three is done! Warning for character death in the last installment!

It took a while for them to find him, but once dawn hit the airbenders of the Northern Temple started searching in a body, and flares were sent up to mark the way for the Avatar.

Molly [userpic]

Hello! I'm selling some of the new KnB -Kiseki's Cultural Festival- Merchandise.

If you're interested, please visit my livejournal or my tumblr.
My feedback page here.

Thank you~~

I am all implication [userpic]

Birds, Beasts and Basketball (G, no pairings)

The sequel to Akashi and Other Animals (they’re the same entry, ha ha). Will not make sense if you’ve not read the first one.

After the Winter Cup.

“You don’t… want to keep it?” says Hayama.

Akashi blinks at him. “Of course not,” he says. Repeats. “It’s a wild animal and it belongs in the wild.”

“Do you-” says a first-year in an act of heroically suicidal courage. He looks at Ryouta sitting panting at his feet for strength. “Do you want to name it? I think it kind of… looks like… Hayama-sempai…”

mellejeje [userpic]

Hi I'm selling KUROKO NO BASUKE AOKISE DOUJINSHI with prices range from $3, $5, AND $7 EACH.
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I am all implication [userpic]

Miracles; T+ (Assorted ficlets in-universe)

The Miragen are girls AU; It’s not as though there’s actually a rule that girls can’t compete in boy’s basketball.

ouo guess what I finally got done.

“Yes,” said Midorima matter-of-factly, which made Takao laugh. She burrowed her head into his jacket. “Are you really-” she said.

“More than anything in the world,” he assured her. “Trust me, Shin-chan.”

She turned her head to look at him. Those eyes, so clear, so steadfast. “I do,” she said.

pupukekex3 [userpic]

Title: The Generation of Miracles Plus Kagami
Rating: M
Pairings: GoM x Kuroko, Kagami x Kuroko
Warnings: BL/YAOI, language, explicit/mature sexual content

Summary: Kise has to make sure everyone is doing something for Kuroko’s birthday. He calls an emergency conference meeting with the Generation of Miracles Plus Kagami. Their goal: a birthday Kurokocchi won’t forget! M rated with warnings/pairings inside. Gift fic for Kuroko’s birthday; TWO-SHOT! 2ND PART SPLIT! (NOT CRACK, HAS PLOT)

Please check it out here: FF.net

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I am all implication [userpic]

Back for one more year, Misdirection 2016 is OPEN for author signups and fic posting! Banner created for us by tormalyne

Misdirection 2016 is the third iteration of a guess-the-author challenge for the Kuroko no Basuke fandom. Writers submit fics that are then posted anonymously for a period, and community members will attempt to identify the author of each fic based on their writing style.

The dates for Misdirection 2016:
31th October 2015: Sign-ups open. The collection opens to posting fanfics.
31th January 2016: Deadline for sign-ups and for submission of fics.
31th January 2016: Works in the Misdirection collection go live and the guessing period opens.
6th February 2016: Deadline for guessing.
7th February 2016: Authors are revealed.

More detailed rules and information available here on the AO3 page.

For Authors
You can sign-up to participate in Misdirection by contacting the administrator and giving us your details. There are three ways to do so:
a) emailing thebloblife @ outlook dot com
b) sending @half-sleeping an ask on Tumblr.
b) Leaving a comment with sign-up details on the Dreamwidth Misdirection announcement post.

Sign-ups should include the following info:

AO3 username: (the challenge is running via the AO3; if you do not have an AO3 account please contact me for an invite)
Best way to contact you: - email preferred, but you are welcome to direct us to your Tumblr askbox or Dreamwidth account if you feel you would check this more often
Writing archive: We require samples of your previous fanfiction to link to in order to help readers participate in guessing.

candysweett [userpic]

no title
I'm clearing out most of my Kuroko's basket collection so do take a look! :) I have doujinshis and some one coins for sale!
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Len [userpic]

Hello, I'm selling some merch and doujinshi (aokuro). I ship worldwide and try to make packets as light as possible!

★ DecoRich+ (€6,50)
Available: Kise+Kasamatsu
★ Squishy smartphone cleaner (€4)
★ Metal Netsuke straps (€6)
★ Swing 6Q (€3)
★ Kuroko’s Basketball Rubber Straps #2 (€3,90)

murahimu netsuke lj.png

★ KnB Sale post with pics + more info HERE.

★ Doujinshi samples + info HERE

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(I have some feedbacks here, but I have more on FB and some on tumblr too ><)

PM me if interested, thank you <3

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